June 24, 2010

"Blast Off"

For my final in intermediate screenprinting i made a short comic in an edition of 12. I wish i had taken more time on the drawings and not rushed everything last minute. But I guess it turned out alright... could have been worse.

Don't procrastinate.
Hard rock poster featuring my new dance band (ex-crystal castles, kraftwerk, and freezepop). Unfortunately we dropped off last minute because our drummer is on tour with his other band, t.a.t.u.

Also, this was drawn on a scrap of really nice paper i found in the screenprinting lab. True story.

June 3, 2010

Old sketchbook revisited round two. This was going to be the cover of a zine that I never finished and probably never will finish.

A month ago i found this drawing in a sketchbook and inked it.

I think i remember sketching it during a concepts class...