April 29, 2010

David and Galactus

This is my entry for Velocity Comics latest contest "How I Beat The Sh*t out of...". I chose Galactus, because he's ridiculously epic and to see him fall by the hands of a mortal would even more epic. Make sure to vote for my entry at Velocity Comics, located at 904 West Broad Street, as soon as you can.

April 28, 2010

Passive Aggressive

Had a critique on this and a visiting artist/teacher brought up that my drawings have a lot of passive aggressive content, and all relate to a post 9-11 youth mindset. He thought this woman was a terrorist and explained how whenever he sees a woman covering her face with a burka he becomes extremely upset because the idea of it suggests that she must protect her face from his masculine rapist gaze. I told him it was just a drawing of a woman with a hood on and he told me I need to look inside myself and realize the content of my work. (exhale) Art School go hard.....

Our Own

April 20, 2010


This is a piece by my friend Laura Hernandez who goes to school in memphis, cool girl. Thanks Laura